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We have just finished one of the most important weeks of the year!

As with every year, from April 22nd to 26th, we have celebrated the traditional Book Week 2019, a week full of incredible activities around the wonderful world of books.

Organized by the Department of Spanish Language and directed by Ms. Martínez, we had exceptional visits; The Sevillian writer and film director Nicolás Pacheco Galiana who came to present his latest book “Para que me imagines”; we also had a videoconference with Fernando Alberca, author of “Pequeños grandes lectores”, a new method to boost reading ability in children; Rasi, a children’s stories squirrel character, who unleashed joy in the little ones.

The Yago School Nursery babies were visited by secondary students who prepared creative storytelling throughout the week.

The students in Infant had lots of story-telling activities, the book hospital, a school trip to the municipal library of Castilleja and to the school’s library, daily reading of their favorite books … in short, a high number of interesting activities related to the world of reading.

In addition, a student per class from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 was awarded for their motivation, effort and interest in acquiring reading habits. Thus, we invited the best readers of the school to enjoy some magic bookstores in the center of Seville and to visit the “Archivo de Indias”.

In Secondary, students decorated the windows of the classrooms with drawings of some chapters of classic books that they are reading in Spanish Language and Literature. They have also written their own versions of folk tales and made summaries of chapters of different books and QR codes that led to videos containing the dramatisation of these chapters.

Now, at the end of the week, we have celebrated our “Solidarity Book Fair”. The children have donated their books and they have bought others belonging to their classmates. Everything raised will be for The Yago Foundation.

Finally, Friday has also been a very special day because we encouraged the students of Infant and Primary to come wearing their costumes as the characters of their favorite books. So many magical characters invaded the School!

It has been a wonderful week where we have all had our enjoyment of reading reignited.

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