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carnaval yago school

Last Friday we celebrated our particular day of the carnival in Yago School.

Throughout the day our children came dressed with very nice and original costumes that spotted with colour and happiness every corner of the School.

Those in Primary also participated in this activity adding some funny details to their uniforms.

carnaval yago school

carnaval yago schoolcarnaval yago schoolBut the carnival is much more than a disguise. Through different dynamics and activities, we went through the most important carnivals in the world, talking about their peculiarities and the way they celebrate it. This trip ended in a city close to us: Cadiz, where music, in the form of coplas full of humor, forms one of the pillars of its celebration. That way, students learnt something else about the different carnival music groups and some of their characteristics.

Nevertheless, this trip could not end without the students living and experiencing what being part of a Chirigota group means. They started composing the lyrics on the basis of School everyday themes and with an essential touch of humor. Then the students sang in our own “Gran Teatro Falla” created for the occasion.

carnaval yago schoolcarnaval yago school

We lived a day full of fun. It was a great approach to one of the parties with more creativity and sense of humor of our country. Next year more and better!


How beautiful, how beautiful!

How beautiful is my school,

How beautiful my city,

That overflows with joy,

When the Carnival arrives. “?”

carnaval yago school

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