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Every year at Yago School, we celebrate “English Around the World Week”. This year, we decided to focus on storytelling in English speaking countries. Each class chose a story from a country where English is the predominant language and out of this story, many exciting activities were planned.

After Chinese and Spanish, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Approximately 375 million people spread across 50 English-speaking countries speak English as their first language. We want the children to understand that with a good grasp of English, they have a magic key to open many wonderful and exciting opportunities!

To kick-start the week, Ms. Goldring, our Head of the Foreign Languages Department, hosted a special “Teatime for Travellers” for the growing number of parents at Yago who have joined us from countries afar. As well as sharing tea and cake, it was very interesting to hear about the experiences of many of our foreign and Spanish parents who have lived in different countries around the world.

We will be repeating this event once a month in order to strengthen ties and to make these brave and adventurous parents feel welcomed into the Yago family and to help them to adapt more easily into life ¡n Seville. We hope to see you at the next event (Thursday 25th April).

We also set a very British challenge for each of our Yago families: to bake some typically English “Scones”. We were delighted to see so many families accept the challenge and the children brought their scones into school on Wednesday. We enjoyed eating them with cream and jam while our native teachers read stories to the children in the comfort of our specially decorated “home” living room (we wanted to recreate a typical story telling scene).

Throughout the week, classes throughout the school will be sharing learning with one another; there will be retelling of Welsh legends, poetry recitals, Jamaican dancing, Nigerian mask parades, and even a Kenyan Tea.

Yago School not only offers the best level of English to its students, but also cares about publicising, celebrating and putting into practice the culture and customs of different countries.

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