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On Tuesday, May 17th, we celebrated the traditional Seville Fair at Yago School.

The celebration of these traditional festivities at Yago School, the bilingual international school, combines many transversal educational elements such as: culture, music, history, society, business, religion …

It is important that the students know and understand the culture of the city and the region where they live and that they gladly assume the role of conserving and enriching it, as well as enjoying it to the full. It is a very unique festival and is internationally recognised for its dances, its colours, the horse rides, the bullfights, the food and especially for the fun. A true example of the social, happy and open nature of the people from Seville.

The students came to the school wearing typical gypsy outfits that they wore with confidence in a runway show organized in the “Sports Pavillion” where they also enjoyed dancing and singing Sevillanas.


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