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As the second month of this school year is almost over, we must say that the adaptability of our students, led by your example as parents, has been extraordinary. 

Our Guidance Department is more present than ever this school year so that, together with our teachers, they observe and accompany our students through new situations, such as being in a classroom one day and studying from home the next day due to sickness or Covid protocols. This new scenario, with children receiving classes in the classroom and others from home, is called “Hybrid Classroom“. It has been a challenge in terms of management, organization, and improvement of the established structures.

In order for all this to work correctly, we have carried out a technical audit to establish a plan for restructuring the technical connections at School; we have offered a training plan for our teachers through the Maecenas Campus, thus providing more coverage in the management of the virtual environment and developing the Hybrid Classrooms; and we have incorporated an expert in the Google and Apple environments who will work so that the Pedagogical Team and the Innovation Department to support the development of work dynamics that are necessary and essential today. 

GOOGLE CERTIFICATIONS: Consultor Google for Ieducando






APPLE CERTIFICATIONS: Apple Certified Support Manager




We welcome Isaac Caleza to our team, the newly incorporated Digital Development Leader, who will undoubtedly help us to advance and consolidate a different classroom scenario with his extensive knowledge and experience as a consultant and technician in the school environment.

Thus, Yago School will continue with his prestigious and leader position in the teaching of technological competence and skills in the Educational sector in Spain.


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