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Íñigo Soto de Helvetia en Yago School

Helvetia CEO offers keys to business success

Íñigo Soto en Yago School

As part of the ambitious Professional Guidance and Student Internship Programme especially aimed at our Secondary 4-Foundation Course and Diploma Programme-IB students, we are promoting a series of talks, conferences and training workshops given by relevant professionals from different sectors with the aim of enriching the overall training experience of our students, promoting the discovery of vocations, and also helping them to make decisions about their studies and future career.


Today we begin this training cycle with the help of Íñigo Soto, General Manager of Helvetia España, one of the leading companies in the insurance sector whose national headquarters are in Seville. Mr. Soto holds a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Seville (US) and an Actuarial Degree from the Complutense University in Madrid; he has also been a collaborating professor at the University of Seville in Financial Mathematics within the area of quantitative methods and is currently an honorary professor at the US. The Chief Executive Officer of this large company has linked the syllabus being studied by the Social Sciences students in their Business Management subject with practical examples of the company he runs, also extending the knowledge of economics to students who have chosen other Baccalaureate branches. 

Íñigo Soto en Yago SchoolWe are certain that students will benefit from this experience, which brings them first-hand into the business environment while promoting awareness of the importance of innovation, corporate responsibility, good governance, and of developing transversal skills and competencies, such as teamwork, communication, digital competence, and adaptability to change.    

Íñigo Soto en Yago SchoolÍñigo Soto en Yago School

We will complete this programme with an internship offer for DP1 students in June in order to help them get to know different working environments. 

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