Yago School promotes inquiry-action-reflection with a interdisciplinary project

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Projects

As part of the importance we place in our educational project on teaching and learning approaches based on the cycle of inquiry-action-reflection, practical activities for the subject of Chemistry are carried out in our classrooms in an interdisciplinary way with the subject of Design & Technology.

This practical work plan focuses on scientific literacy, giving students the opportunity to develop the research, thinking, communication, self-management and social skills necessary to grow as responsible, critical and scientifically competent individuals in an increasingly complex and technological society.

On this occasion, the Secondary 4 students’ laboratory practice was based on an interdisciplinary project involving the subjects of Chemistry and Design & Technology. The aim was to test in the laboratory the properties of substances with different ionic, covalent and metallic bonds that they had previously studied in class. 

Prácticas Laboratorio

The Design & Technology Department prepared a small circuit and measured the conductivity of each solution, i.e. the resistance to the passage of electricity using a multimeter. 

They recorded the data, making calculations to obtain the equivalent circuit using Ohm’s Law, the basic law for understanding the main fundamentals of electrical circuits and also based on the theory of equivalent resistors seen in class. Finally, they made a comparative study between the theoretical and the practical study, identifying the causes of the differences in the measurements with respect to the theoretical study.

At Yago School we think that doing practical work in the laboratory is also a motivation for the student, it is like opening a window to our possible future and thus facing our studies with a clearer objective in sight. It is essential to invest time in going to the lab, to become familiar with the basics, and to discover how science has grown.

VIII Feria de la Innovación y nuevas tecnologías

In this line, and connecting studies with the real world, our Core Computer Science Diploma Program students were able to attend the VIII Innovation and New Technologies Fair, getting in touch with cutting-edge ideas in the computer science sector. This year the Fair was focused on the Digitalisation of Public Administrations through the automation and proactivity of their processes, the new ecosystem of tourism and cultural promotion through ICT, the advance of disruptive technologies, and the context of NextGeneration projects and calls for proposals.

VIII Feria de Innovación y Nuevas Tecnologías

We were fortunate to be invited by María José Escalona, International PhD in Computer Engineering and Engineering from the University of Seville and mother of a student at the school.  

Thank you very much for such an enriching experience for our students.

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