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scientific technology in yago school

On Friday, March 24th, a group of pupils from the Yago School attended the ETSI Assembly Hall to participate in a conference on scientific and technological dissemination, given by Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Manfredi, Head of the Department of Space Instrumentation of the Centre for Astrobiology INTA-CSIC associated with NASA, on Expeditions and Life Outside Planet Earth.

During his speech, Professor Juan Pérez Mercader, Director of Research in Astrobiology at Harvard University and winner of a NASA Medal for Public Service, and Dr. Fernando Abilleira, Director of Design and Navigation of the MARS 2020 mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

This conference was mainly addressed to Secondary and Baccalaureate students from all over Andalusia and pursued the objective of stimulating and motivating the young attendees, making engineering more attractive to them. In addition, they intended to publicize the High Performance in Science and Technology in Andalusia, (ARCyTAN) program that for the third year is organized in ETSI.

yagoschool-nasaAt Yago School learning does not end in the classroom and we have curious, committed and eager students, thirsty for information.

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