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There are no words to describe how the College transforms every year to celebrate “Book Week“.

At School, we understand that a book is not only a source of wisdom and knowledge but has been throughout history, a key element for communication and personal enrichment. Therefore, when commemorating this week, it is important to transmit to the students the different facets of a book:

  • Its importance in conserving and transmitting culture.
  • Reading as an activity that relaxes us, entertains us and enriches us.
  • Reading as an activity that allows the development of language, improves human relationships and our oral and written expression.
  • Studying a book in its different formats: printed or digital.

For this reason, the Language Department prepared a week full of enriching activities for students of all ages.

The most significant activity was an excursion that we organise every year to reward the best readers of the term in Primary and Secondary, whom this year had the opportunity to go to the Archive de Indias, the Andalusian Parliament library and, as always, to walk through the best and oldest bookstores in Seville.

In addition, throughout the week shared reading activities were made between the different courses.

The students from Primary 5 made a poetic recital of Princess Margarita for Primary 2.

We enjoyed the fascinating visit from the famous writer Pepe Maestro, author of novels such as Chismo, The inventory, Violet notebooks … well known by our students in Infant and Primary, which has now become a tradition.

In Infants, the book hospital was organised to teach the children the importance of caring for and respecting books, they told their classmates about their favourite book, they attended the storytelling by Primary 6 who gave free rein to their imaginations in the project ” Young Writers” writing their own stories and telling them to the Infant students.

The Infants were also lucky enough to make an extraordinary trip to the local  Library, where in addition to learning about the rules and how it is operated, they enjoyed another storytelling event.

Secondary students performed a great poetic interpretation of Don Juan Tenorio for Primary 3 children. In addition, some selected students from Secondary went to tell stories to the little ones at our wonderful Nursery to the delight of our precious babies from 4 months to two years old.


And finally because one of the fundamental pillars of Yago School is solidarity, the week concluded with the celebration by The Yago Foundation of the IV Solidarity Book Fair: Children of all ages donated books in English or Spanish from home that they no longer needed. All the books were sold for one euro and the money raised, more than 600 euros, will go towards helping one of our Foundation’s charitable causes.

For one more year Yago School was filled with magic thanks to reading. Never stop reading.

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