Nursery Farm Project

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Nursery, Projects, Yago School Nursery

This second term we have been working on the exciting Farm Project comprehension project that has given us great moments and in-depth learning about the farm and its animals.


Through Farm Project, our children in Nursery, Infant 1 and Infant 2, have experienced plenty of wonderful activities learning many concepts, structures and characteristics related to the rural habitat; classifications, routines and care of animals, horticulture, utensils and necessary tools, … We have had exceptional guests in the classrooms such as a hen, learning actively through the senses that increases and reinforces our educational curriculum.


Life at the farm has been our world, rich in values and developed from different pedagogical methodologies. Songs such as “Old McDonalds had a farm”, games and a wide variety of stories teach them in a fun way, stimulating their interest. Understanding animals as our friends, who provide us with food and raw materials as necessary as milk, eggs and wool, and learning about the farmers’ tasks.

In order to experiment with every detail learned, we built a farm in the garden, exploring the many benefits of learning through discovery; encouraging the development of skills and abilities, exercising the intellect to achieve greater concentration and reinforcing physical coordination, thus making them feel more confident.

Being able to enjoy the different environments in their education also stimulates creativity and makes them feel more curious, a very enriching and fun direct personal experience.

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