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On Friday 7th October we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Day with all Primary pupils during the first Assembly of the course. As every year, the Department of Spanish Language and Literature prepares numerous activities to celebrate the day we celebrate our national holiday.

Hispanic Heritage Day 1

Hispanic Heritage Day 2Hispanic Heritage Day 3 Hispanic Heritage Day 4Hispanic Heritage Day 5

Each course prepares a series of activities: P1 decorated the Concert Hall with different interpretations of the Discovery, P2 delighted us with a poetic reading of fabulous works by the children themselves, P3, P4 and P5 showed us different cooperative investigation projects, aided by new information technologies.

Finally, P6, taking advantage of a project about literary genres, staged four original plays they created themselves. It was a very entertaining, instructive and fun day where our children implemented creative, communicative and interpretive skills that they are working on throughout the year in Drama and Public Speaking.

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