by | May 7, 2019 | Events

Today we celebrated Seville’s April Fair in the Infant and Primary Departments.

Yago School always likes to acknowledge and celebrate our typical regional festivals, so that the children can gain a better understanding of their meaning and characteristics.

One of our school objectives is for the children to get to know a range of worldwide traditions and customs, including of course the Spanish ones.  That’s why, along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Yago School also celebrates Christmas and the April Fair.

An Assembly was held with the purpose of informing children about the fair’s origin and its evolution, traditions, clothes, dances, music and food.

At Yago we promote meaningful learning, or learning by doing, so on this day the children came to school wearing distinctive dress. They also sang, had fashion shows and dance competitions and they even ate the fair’s traditional menu.

Pure joy and fun as is the character of the Sevillians.

Happy Fair Week!



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