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«”When you want something very badly, no sacrifice is too great.»
Rafa Nadal

Sport is a habit that should be acquired from childhood that helps our children’s physical and mental development. Within our project, Physical Education is understood as a vehicle to transmit values related to companionship, health, healthy competition, effort and personal sacrifice as tools for improvement.

Playing world sports at Yago School

At Yago School, Physical Education has a mainly formative function. From the early stages of Nursery until they reach Baccalaureate, we educate our students in a comprehensive way, developing their motor skills, putting into practice processes and promoting the acquisition of healthy lifestyles.

At our international school in Seville, we teach three modules of Physical Education per week and also have numerous extracurricular activities and competitions through which students learn, practice, and specialize in a wide variety of sports. Discovering sports from different parts of the world is a stimulus for all students: soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, field hockey, and cricket are some of their favorites. At our school, we dedicate a month to each sport. 

The Physical Education department aims to work on students’ skills and motor development through different exercises, sports, circuits, games, and activities.

Sports in the Infant stage

Nursery (0 to 2 years)

In the first stage of nursery, we aim to promote physical development and the ability of coordination, balance, orientation, and safety of our little ones. 

We work with a wooden brachiation ladder for hand and arm strength, blocks for balance, cones, bars, and hoops for jumping, and balls for hand-eye coordination.

Our tiniest students develop all motor skills according to their age in a psychomotor classroom equipped with all the necessary materials to ensure good development of their motor systems. The activities take place in a spectacular setting, in a psychomotor classroom perfectly integrated into the environment. As it is surrounded by glass, it gives privileged views of the garden of this exclusive private nursery in Seville, and boasts natural light and permanent ventilation. In addition, our facilities comply with our objectives of sustainable development and care for the environment.

Infant (3 to 5 years old)

In the second stage of Infant, we take a step further towards individualized student work. Through the “Brain Gym” program, our specialist teacher creates neuromotor circuits in order to stimulate basic motor skills; this type of activity allows our children to develop their motor skills while stimulating their cognitive development.

We focus mainly on movement and balance.

This activity has enormous benefits on the body and mind.

Psychomotor work addresses three main levels:

At the cognitive level it allows the little ones to increase their attention span, concentration, expression, creativity, and memory.

At the motor level, it allows them to become aware and have control of their body and their movements.

At the affective and social level, it facilitates relationships with other people and the recognition and ability to face their fears.

We can’t forget that psychomotor education contributes to the integral development of our little ones, as it improves their vital functions and state of mind.

“Games in psychomotor classes help children develop not only physically, but also mentally. It is key to student motivation and, therefore, an infinite source of learning. Play is the tool we use to stimulate positive self-esteem and social relationships; it is the basis for knowing and understanding how the world they live in works.”

Ms. Evelien, Infant Psychomotor teacher

Sport in Primary and Secondary

In the first stage of Primary, we work on and reinforce student motor and coordination skills. Through recreational activities, skill circuits, and initiation to various sports, students acquire dynamics that allow them to continue maturing their locomotor system.

In the second stage of Primary, students begin a process of internalization of concepts, such as healthy lifestyle habits, through sports practice. While they work on a wide range of sports modalities, teamwork and the essential values of coexistence within sports and consequently in society, are also encouraged.

Sports in Baccalaureate

In the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages, students specialize in a wide variety of sports.  We are proud to say that Yago School boasts one of the most complete curriculums in Andalusia. We work on a wide range of traditional sports, such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and also sports that allow our students to have completely new experiences, such as slackline, American tag football, FitBoxing, and Parkour.

With the practice of this variety of modalities, the intention is for our students to incorporate sports into their lives and thus encourage them to develop healthy habits that develop a better quality of life.

Other extracurricular sports: Rugby, Volleyball, Soccer, Chess…


Rugby has long been known as a team sport that develops tremendous camaraderie, engenders a sense of self-esteem, and fosters life skills such as leadership, generosity, respect, and loyalty.


Volleyball has always been a popular sport among boys and girls. Volleyball allows students to significantly improve their coordination, as this skill is a fundamental part of the game.


Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most complete sports when it comes to completing the important stages of physical training, social development, and cognitive development. In addition to being the most popular sport in the world, it is a social sport and encourages new friendships and participation in social activities and events.


The advantages of chess for early stimulation, logical thinking, and teaching values, such as courtesy and sportsmanship, are well known. There are many benefits that children obtain by practicing this activity and we appreciate its importance at Yago School; Baccalaureate students have even started a Chess Club at school.

“They play Chess at recess, which helps them improve their concentration and their ability to solve problems”.

Sports school: extracurricular sports

With the noble aim of stimulating and encouraging sports practice, Yago School offers after school sports two hours a week and students can choose between several sports, organized in sports schools.

Extracurricular activities are articulated around the Schools of Knowledge / Schools of Knowledge and one of them is the “School of Sports”.

Among the sports that make up the School of Sports are Soccer, Basketball, Skating, Judo, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Rowing, and Rugby.

Competitions at Yago School

Western Andalusia Interschool Tournament

Every year our students participate representing the school in this important sporting event. It is an inter-school golf tournament held in the magnificent sports facilities of La Cartuja and organized by the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation as part of its work to promote sport in schools.

Field Hockey Tournament

Mr. Moita, our Head of Physical Education promotes and organizes this Field Hockey Tournament with the purpose of introducing our students to a new sport and consolidating the contents from the term. This modality favors students’ physical development, team work, and helps to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Volleyball Tournament

A versatile sport, volleyball is ideal for the participation and interaction of a large number of students. We organize the volleyball tournament where the different groups of secondary and baccalaureate students compete, in addition to a team of teachers, promoting teamwork in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Annual solidarity race

Our annual solidarity race to help th e Pablo Ugarte Association raises funds for research against childhood cancer. Every year, the event is organized by Baccalaureate students as part of the CAS Project (Creativity, Action and Service) of the International Baccalaureate program.

House games

At Yago School, we distribute the students in Houses with the purpose of organizing competitions in sports, academics, personal and group achievements.

Stradbrook – orange shield

Larch Hill – green shield

Sussex – red shield

Each student is assigned a house at the beginning of his or her school life and keeps it until he or she leaves the school in Baccalaureate.

Competitions, tests and activities are organized to add points (Housepoints) throughout the year, also rewarding students who have had exemplary behavior or put forth an extra effort. In the last assembly of the year, the winning house is announced and the cup is awarded. All siblings belong to the same house. The flag of the winning house is hoisted on the school flagpole each month. Each house has its own Housemaster/Housemistress, Captain, and Vice Captain who lead it.

Sports-themed excursions / Outdoor learning

Our curriculum is rich and varied and includes a wide variety of field trips and excursions so that our students can also continue learning in other contexts and situations. We believe that these outings are essential and beneficial to our students. Sports trips allow children to participate in group physical activities outside of school.

In order to enjoy winter sports with the help of qualified professionals, every year we organize a ski trip in the unique natural environment of Sierra Nevada. Our students learn, enjoy, and become more aware of the environment and healthy lifestyles.

Excursion to the Sports Pavilion where the “Olympic Games” are held. Young students experience sportsmanship for a day in an exclusive environment and with the main goal of sensitizing students to the values of sport and teamwork in a fun and entertaining way. Activities such as psychomotor skills and dynamic coordination games, and sports such as basketball, soccer, parachute, ball games, and track, are carried out. Within this last modality, we work on sprinting, hurdle jumps, long jumps, shot put, javelin throw, and the high jump.

Once a year, we organize a surfing experience for Secondary students in a beautiful location such as El Palmar, in Conil, one of the best beaches in southern Spain for surfing. It is a healthy sport and, along  with the training, it reinforces values such as effort, perseverance, and self-improvement. 

This sport is unique learning experience in the middle of nature. A day of hiking through the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena is the ideal educational complement to observe contents of the subjects of natural and social sciences in real life. At the same time,  moderate but continuous exercise is practiced. It is therefore a transversal activity that also promotes ethical and aesthetic values.

Climbing wall
As a day trip and as a different Physical Education class, we take a group of students to this different and motivating activity. For the youngest students, it is a great experience to discover the world of climbing. For the older ones, it is a perfect complement to their physical training, as it is one of the most complete sports, both physically and psychologically.

Discover our sports facilities

Our school has different sports areas such as:

Indoor Sports Pavilion: Sports Hall

Psychomotor Classroom at Yago School Nursery

Artificial grass soccer pitch

Multiuse pitch

Infant playground with turf and game circuits

Yago School Nursery grass playground

Articles of interest

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is caused by extreme elevation of body temperature due to heat exposure. This exposure can lead to loss of water and mineral salts that alter the body’s thermal regulation system. Overheating follows from this.

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