Yago School achieves total success on the official Cambridge exams

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Uncategorized, Yago School, Yago School

Among the more than 400 students who took the Cambridge exams, 100% of those proposed by the school passed these official exams with flying colors, and 83.6% of them achieved the highest possible score.

This shows Yago School’s commitment to bilingualism once again. The road to linguistic success is long and is measured by challenges to be overcome; this is clearly a remarkable achievement.

We are proud and happy of the great effort our students have made overcoming difficult moments in a complicated environment this year, showing admirable strength and determination. The benefits of a bilingual educational project are many, especially one that teaches most of the subjects in English from Nursery and Infant to Baccalaureate, which reinforces all areas of English learning in a natural and experiential way, with special emphasis on oral communication and reading comprehension.

Each student will receive an official Cambridge certificate, a diploma accrediting their level of English, recognized worldwide and which will be a gateway to universities, companies, and public and private organizations worldwide.

We would also like to thank the Global Languages Department for their hard work and professionalism that have made this success possible at Yago School.

Congratulations to all our students!

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