“Voluntariado Express”: Organised by IB students in collaboration with The Yago Foundation

by | Dec 8, 2021 | The Yago Foundation

The Yago Foundation de Yago School

For the third time, our students participated in this wonderful solidarity activity which aims to shelter homeless people in several provinces of Spain and in Seville, where Yago School is based.

Voluntariado Express Sevilla Yago School

On November 19th, students went out into the streets of Seville accompanied by teachers with the aim of providing homeless people who currently live on the streets with a shelter kit, as well as to keep them company.

With this initiative, our students became more aware of the reality that surrounds us, which instils sensitivity and commitment to those who suffer such harsh and unjust circumstances.

Voluntariado Express Sevilla

Students agree that it has been an unforgettable experience, that they would repeat this experience over and over, and that they would like people to know about it and spread this experience. All the nerves they felt before the experience faded away and gave way to happiness upon seeing a smile on the face of a person who may not have smiled yet that day, or even that week. 

This initiative made students reflect on this project, as its final objective was to do a solidarity action helping people in need. Organizing and participating in this event moved them and was fulfilling for them as people. 

We have some testimonies and reflections from the students:

“It is necessary to be able to sleep in a bed sheltered from the cold, to be able to eat food every day of the year and to have a home to return to after a long day; we saw that these “mundane” things are basic to life. We are incredibly fortunate to have what we have and we should dedicate some of our time and money to benefit all those people who don’t.”

“There are a lot of feelings to be felt on this night. Many of us were moved, especially one classmate when she heard the story of one of the people we helped. This woman had a huge heart and a story she didn’t deserve.” 

The “Voluntariado Express” initiative began in February 2012 following a cold snap that swept across Spain and which has repeated every year, with more and more cities joining in.

Voluntariado Express Sevilla

The Yago Foundation plays a very important role in the education of our students in values such as solidarity, so from the moment this proposal came into our hands, we supported it with enthusiasm. It is our obligation to make children aware of the reality that surrounds us and instil sensitivity and commitment to those who suffer such harsh and unjust circumstances on many occasions.



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