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Values in Yago School: obedience and respect

In the school we educate children from the beginning in traditional values and the human virtues so necessary in today’s society.

The objective of educating in values is to accompany, stimulate and guide the pupil in the development of his moral conscience, having, as a long-term objective, the progressive growth of their personal autonomy and sense of social responsibility.

Within our monthly program of values, in February we have worked on obedience and respect in our classes.

Values in Yago School: obedience and respect

With respect to the value of obedience, to preach by example is the first and most appropriate way to inculcate this necessary habit.

At very early ages, children obey their educators (parents and teachers) because they have become their emotional references. It is advisable gradually to increase their duties and their autonomy, combining the requirement with the reasoning behind what is asked.

Since they are small, obedience and authority are closely related. In order for obedience to be achieved, authority must be exercised with serenity, stability, balance, affection and consistency.

We should praise their obedience by recognising what they have done well. They will feel appreciated and valued, gradually developing their identity and consolidating their self-esteem. Praising the effort to obey is one of the most important tasks of any educator, since we offer them the possibility to be a role model.

Values in Yago School: obedience and respect

Respect is one of the most important moral values in human education, as it is fundamental to achieving a harmonious social interaction. One of the premises is that respect must be mutual.

To respect also is to be tolerant towards those who do not think the same way as you, with whom you do not share the same tastes or interests, or who is different from you. Respect for diversity of ideas, opinions, cultures and ways of being is a supreme value in modern societies with aspirations to being fair and guaranteeing healthy coexistence.

With this in mind, this month we worked on both values in a transversal way in some of the subjects, in group tutorials, and in the weekly Assemblies.

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