We work on multiple intelligence in Infant

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Infant

Yago School inteligencias múltiples

Our youngest students develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence with their life story and job projects.

Yago School Inteligencias Múltiples

In Infant 3, the central topic is the student’s personal story: “The Story of my Life”. The children have been talking about their most interesting and curious experiences from the first three years of their lives and have presented them to their classmates to practice their public speaking. They made wonderful projects by attaching photos of themselves since they were born, their favourite toys, their personal favourite story as well as many other topics; many of them brought personal objects to show and explain to their classmates.

In Infant 4, one student has been the leader of the week each week. They did a research project and explored the profession they liked the most in depth. As part of the activity, they have shown all their discoveries about the jobs in the Book of Jobs that all the students share.

Developing their interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence with all these activities has added to the personal and group knowledge, culminating in an oral presentation in front of their classmates about everything they have worked on. 

What an enriching experience for the little ones!