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Yago School contra el acoso escolar KIVA

It’s been a few years since Yago School implemented the prestigious Finnish anti-bullying program, KiVa.

This organization evaluates and supervises the starting point and concrete actions undertaken by school staff in relation to preventative measures and action plans against bullying.

When the last academic year came to an end, we received a diploma to accredit the correct and accurate implementation of KiVa. They consider that there is “Evidence of having institutionally implemented the KiVa Program, following the training process for the prevention, intervention, and monitoring of bullying and in favor of coexistence, as well as the action plan using the protocols, tools, materials and psychopedagogical considerations of the Program.”

The program is based on three basic principles: prevention, intervention, and supervision. It helps us strengthen education in values and awareness of our students, improves motivation and the academic results, and avoids cases of bullying, which put a dark mark on most classrooms in the world educational system these days.

We want to congratulate the Counselling and SEN Department for leading up this program, as well as all the staff that does not stop training and putting all the activities into practice that facilitate an excellent educational environment which can be appreciated at our School.

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