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Yago School grows and advances each year not only in facilities, human resources, digitalization and innovation but also reinforces its structure and internal communication channels by incorporating new organizational forms. 

In this sense and linked to the subject CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) the Diploma Programme students have devised and developed the Students Council, a body representing the students of the School.

We are very aware of the importance of listening to our students, of knowing their ideas, interests and concerns while involving them in the activities and all kinds of events of the School. 

For this reason we are pleased to introduce the new Students Council composed of the presidents, a Head Boy and 2 Head Girls who lead the rest of the members of the Council. It also has Representatives and Advisors from each class who also lead the different work teams: Creativity and Events, Observation and Activity, Communication and Mobility, and the Representative Team responsible for transmitting information to each class. 

Yago School students council presidents

Presidents: Jose Rios / Clara Schoepp / Marina Rojas


  • Representative: Alejandro Ortiz
  • Board Member: Diego Díaz


  • Representative: Alberto Chaparro
  • Board Member: Julia Peláez


  • Representative: Adriana Puente
  • Board Member: Héctor Martín


  • Representative: Álvaro Porcel
  • Board Member: Nora Ortiz


  • Representative: Josefina Soler
  • Board Member: Luis Ramos

Yago School Students council

Among its main objectives are: 

  • To be a spokesperson before the school management for the ideas and concerns of the students. 
  • To propose and implement ideas, activities and projects that help students, the school and the community. 
  • Reinforce the identity and sense of belonging to the school.
  • To promote the competences and values of the student profile of Yago School. 
  • To guarantee two-way communication between students, teachers and management 
  • To devise, promote and organize community service activities with direct participation in the organization and execution of the same. 
  • To supervise the school climate, compliance with regulations and offer solutions and proposals for improvement.
  • To organize the spaces, mobility and communication of activities
  • To know the interests of the students and to guarantee the bidirectional communication student-director and student-teacher.

This initiative will help them to develop to the maximum some skills and competences such as leadership, creativity, teamwork, decision making and communication, among others.

Congratulations to all for the initiative, for the positions, for your efforts and for all that you contribute to the whole educational community! 

We also take this opportunity to congratulate the Houses Captains and Vice-Captains who will contribute to organizing and supporting the activities of the House System and the Assemblies, as well as supporting and supervising the exemplary behavior of all the students at Yago School.

Captains Yago SchoolSussex

  • Captain: Noelia Alba (S4)
  • Vicecaptains: Adriana Valle & Lucía García (P6)

Captains Yago SchoolStradbrook

  • Captain: Marta Moniche (S4)
  • Vicecaptains: María Peláez & Adrián Román (P6)

Captains Yago SchoolLarch Hill

  • Captain: Marcial Ybarra (S4)
  • Vicecaptains: Noa Luque &  Natalia Montero (P6)

You are a reference for everyone and we are very proud of you!

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