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During the month of April our students, mainly those of Secondary, prepared various projects  to participate for the first time in the Seville Science Fair.

The aforementioned event took place between the 3rd and 5th of May in the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones  in Seville. Yago School presented the project “Fire: Help or harm for biodiversity?

We put forward many projects such as a poster of the Iberian Peninsula complete with QR codes which linked to videos, recorded and edited by the students, about the most devastating forest fires of recent years. Also included were a robot capable of detecting enflamed trees in order to put out the fire, a Scratch program to interactively demonstrate the consequences a forest fire can have on biodiversity, puzzles for the little ones and lots more.

On top of this, Héctor Martín and Adriana Puente of Secondary 1, Santiago Velázquez of Secondary 2 and Marta Zaitsev of Secondary 3 took part in a debate about biodiversity in the “Chococharlas” stand, an open space to speak, listen, express opinions and share emotions and experiences while talking about science or technology from the past, present or future. Demonstrating how well they speak in public, even without prior warning or knowledge of the themes there were to speak on, the students performed wonderfully well. The podcast is available here: http://www.ivoox.com/08-chococharla-yago-school-audios-mp3_rf_25766851_1.html

We want to highlight the merit of each of the students in the involvement and realization of such innovative and cutting-edge projects.


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