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The Yago Foundation finished the school year with a charitable proposal of the most friendly and endearing kind in order to raise funds for the first project of the El Gancho Infant Foundation, called LA AZOTEA AZUL. You can get more information about this solidary project in the following video:



Many children spend long periods of time hospitalized due to various circumstances. The objective of this project is to build a roof garden at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, where children can enjoy an open space where they can play, enjoy the fresh air, receive family and friends, celebrate birthdays, relax, cloud gaze … something essential for their physical and mental recovery. In short, it is about alleviating the suffering of these children and their families and providing, as much as possible, something similar to the life that any child should be able to enjoy.

Throughout the week, Yago School Secondary students carried frames and hats to photograph parents, grandparents and students who wanted to collaborate with La Azotea Azul.

In addition, last Thursday, June 21st, the Primary and Secondary students attended a deeply moving talk in which Rocío Troya told them in person about the Blue Roof project, and later they had a picture taken of them wearing the top hats, which are characteristic of this initiative, together with the promoters of the activity, representatives of our Foundation, teachers and the management team.

Finally, on Friday during the celebration of the Summer Show, parents had the opportunity to acquire a hat in exchange for a donation to the AZOTEA AZUL.

Thank you very much to everyone. We know that we always have the unconditional support and the extraordinary generosity and solidarity from all of those who are part of Yago School.

Let no child stop smiling or dreaming. Put on your hat, too!

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