Healthy Eating Project: Food Pyramid

por | Nov 17, 2017 | Primary, Science

At Yago School we teach our students with funny activities. In this post we are going to show you a new class about nutrition. They learn interesting things about healthy food. If you want to know more, just keep reading.

In Primary 3 we made a group project about healthy eating. The students were divided into groups of three or four, and had to prepare a poster of the Food Pyramid. Starting at the bottom with the food that they have to eat most and going to the top with the food they have to eat least. Using materials such as magazines, cardboards, scissors, colored pencils and glues they could build their food pyramid.

Our students brought also pictures from home or made them by themselves.

Then they had to put them into the correct groups and label the pyramid. So they started to understand what it’s important to eat everyday, and what it wasn’t. 

Then they prepared the presentation in front of the class.They were able to develop their work in front the other students, so they were very excited. The three of each group were able to practise public speaking.

They explained every food group, examples of food that belongs to each group, and why it’s important to eat food from this group. At the same time, they practice Public Speaking.  Here is a video of one group:

¿Did you see their posters? They have a really good talent. They learn a lot about one of the most important thing in their lives, how to eat healthy. We are so exciting to do this kinds of lessons with them, because they learn so quickly, they are so intelligent.

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