Physical Education (P.E.): Acrosport

por | Ene 26, 2018 | Primary, Sports

Acrobatic Gymnastic is a sport that consists of three fundamental elements: strength, flexibility and balance. These elements are integrated into choreographies that contain acrobatic positions and body figures.

This sport, when undertaken in a school environment under close guidance, as our students of P5 and P6 have been doing, allows the students to develop a variety of physical abilities and social skills. These skills will be essential in their continuous learning process and future life.

Due to its peculiarities, Acrobatic Gymnastic develops the students’ aerobic system, when combined with force it stimulates the cardiovascular system to work at a moderate/high intensity. In addition, the students will reinforce their motor development and postural control.

It’s a sport that also encourages the creativity of its members, in that, the students can participate in the creation of new movements and positions. This always takes place with the support of the teacher.

Social skills are another really important component developed while practising Acrobatic Gymnastic. Skills like responsibility, leadership, cooperation and sociability are reinforced. This can only happen because the students learn to work in a team environment, were the responsibilities of every task are distributed and delegated by them, based on trust and companion acceptance.

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